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Writing an Intriguing Fantasy novel. written by: Malikoy

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fantasy novelFantasy novels have a certain type of magic and beauty to them, namely the worlds created in each unique novel. Fantasy novels differ from other genres by the ability they have to illustrate unique new worlds and creatures. And with such advantage, comes a chance for powerful and interesting plot development as well as character development. More diverse races of creatures means more intricate personalities and mindsets, this gives you the chance to write complex character interactions. The setting like mentioned, unique vast worlds created by you- the author- will help shape more interesting and new stories. 

Reading Fantasy novels is quite the enjoyable leisure, but how can you go further from there? Well it is quite simple, because you see, writing Fantasy is as much fun as reading it. It is even more enjoyable because now you get to create your own worlds, your own unique characters and complex plot conflicts. So you may start wondering, how does one write an interesting Fantasy Novel? And also avoid producing a generic genre story. It all comes down to how far you are willing to challenge yourself on two fronts, creativity and originality. 

fantasy novelUsually it is a good start to think of the world you want your Fantasy novel to be set in. Start brainstorming and sketching, make it as new and uniques as possible, don’t allow previous works in the same genre to make too much an influence. I’m not saying don’t take inspiration, but it is better to create your own vivid world. Next up you might want to establish your World’s mythology and lore, the geographic of it, the political distribution of countries or nations for example. Try to have a well structured world before advancing to characters. 

Once your world is well established and created, you can move unto characters or races, try and create new creatures, shy away from the generic stuff. You don’t want your novel to end up as another Orcs versus Humans story. Or get caught in the shadows of well established fantasy tales like Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of The Rings’. Think up of new races and creatures and you shall have interesting new plots and conflicts at hand. 

fantasy novelThen when all is made and created, start out with a layout of your epic Fantasy novel. Do you want a simple story focusing on a party of five? Or even a single protagonist? Or you are going for something grand and epic? say a war between races? It all depends on how much you are willing to put into the novel, and how much you are willing to innovate and create new intriguing themes. Also keep in mind the audience you are trying to write to, certainly a novel designed for Adults won’t sell well if the story is all about a boy and his Dragon. And always keep in the human element, something your readers can relate to. Because in the end you are writing Fantasy to humans, and humans need to relate to your story to feel and give emotional feedback.

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